Martin and Aisha

It's such a blessing to have found Aisha on ArabianDate — she's changed my life in so many ways. I first went on the site for chance of meeting a Moroccan so I could learn Arabic and discover more about the interesting region. Aisha was the most open and she's so kind and helped me lot. She was also keen to improve her English so it was win-win all round. It was great to get to know each other and before knew it we'd become friends! She told me all about her hometown Fez and I shared plenty about where I'm from (Dallas). Then after a year of learning together and talking online I decided to head on over. I'm pleased to say everything went great and she was perfect company. Thanks a lot!

Nathalia and Tay

I want to thank the team of ArabianDate, for the opportunity to find true love. We met in person and from that moment, my heart belongs to you, we had several months of exchanging letters. Tay, is the man of my life, I looked for happiness, for a long time, and within months, to correspond, I felt, finally, I found the love of my life, Tay - a wonderful man, which makes me happy. I invite to visit his family in North Africa, we are thinking of marriage, I'm sure I found the love of my life. My family is very happy, and agree with my relationship, happiness, that I have is shared by my loved ones, so I recommend to all ladies looking for love in ArabianDate

Meri and Paul

Hello ArabianDate,
Thanks for helping me find my beautiful Meri! It would have been more difficult to find such an Egyptian lady without ArabianDate. I'm from San Francisco but was keen to get back to my roots and connect with women from this region. You've really helped a lot. It was incredible to find Meri living not too far away in Sacramento. Exploring the culture, meeting and talking a lot has brought us closer. Meri talks about Egypt a lot and it sounds so wonderful. No we're planning to take a trip over there on May 20th to experience it together. So I just wanted to say you've really made our dream possible.
Best wishes, Paul